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La Luna by Bert Jansch

One of my mostly fond interests is undoubtly music and yes I'm a selfmade guitar player, one of many in my kind. One of my preferred acoustic guitar players is Bert Jansch.

He wrote a lot of songs and been one of the true fathers of the folk/acoustic scene of the 1960s in UK, had a lot of artists collaborations during his vast career indicating his very welcoming nature of a quite, gentle scotsman. He played the acoustic guitar in a extensive and personal way keeping modest and humble. His modesty was only paired by his exceptional musical expression and kindness.

One of his later songs 'La Luna' appeared on his album Edge of a Dream(2002), to me it depicts and shapes with guitar and words a place we can find inside ourselves sometimes and almost surely in the northern shores of Scotland, on this wonderful small delicate planet. Though I never been in scotland before.

I thought it could be appropriate in a moonwatcher's blog ;-)

La Luna by Bert Jansch

Dirty blood, dripping from a black sky
Onto a barren land
And everywhere there's sorrow, despair and desolation
There is no air nowhere
Dogs bark and it's dark and scary
From the towers to the ocean
Under a Hecatean moon
La Luna

Sister sister Luna, you know who I am, like a star That flashes and glitters in your eyes in the moonlight Or the fire on a mountain Or the light in the heart of a man and the sun that shines With a glimpse of the light divine Behind the veil of a rainbow Just like Perdurabo said It's gonna be alright

Oooh La Luna, oh she did me good

With a love that loves to love That loves to love the love that loves to love Oooh La Luna And I love to listen to you Lu, and I admire you For your survival Sweet poetry and tragedy and comedy and rock'n'roll Keeping it all in motion Under a Hecatean moon La Luna

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Posted May 22, 2015 in Music

Moon at -62:38:15.8, 15:30:45.6 observing from Rome, IT

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